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GPS Coordinates

W7.916323  N52.359906

Ordnance Survey of Ireland

Grid Reference S057231


Directions to the Cahir Equestrian Centre

All roads into the town will lead you to 'The Square', which is actually more of a rectangle. At the southern end of the square sits the 'Cahir House Hotel' which was formerly the town house of the Butler family who owned the castle. The hotel can be seen at the left hand side of the banner photo at the top of the Accommodation page.

The road to the left of the hotel is the Ardfinnan road (R670) and will lead, in about two kilometres, to the Equestrian Centre. You will need to turn left into a narrow side-road and the centre will then be visible. This left turn comes just after a left bend in the road and so is easily missed. The sign shown below will be visible above a larger sign for 'Grangemore Autos'.


Photo of a roadside sign to Cahir Equestrian Centre


Finding Us

Cahir is located at the junction of the M8 and the N24—right at the crossing point of the Dublin to Cork and Waterford to Limerick roads—and so is easy to get to from just about anywhere. For overseas visitors the town is just an hour away from three international airports (Cork, Shannon & Waterford) and two hours from Dublin airport. Seaports at Cork, Rosslare, Dun Laoghaire and Dublin are all within easy reach.


Map of the approaches to Cahir


If you are not traveling by road Cahir has a railway station that is on the Limerick to Waterford line. This line crosses the Dublin to Cork line at 'Limerick Junction' station (actually located in Tipperary!) and connections can be made there. Buses from Cork, Dublin, Waterford, Limerick and Athlone pass regularly through the town. You can even catch a bus in London that will bring you directly to Cahir. All busses arrive and depart from near the tourist office in front of the castle.

Beware of out of date maps

The M8 Motorway shown on the map, above, is quite new and only appears on very recent maps published in 2010 or later. In the Cahir area the new M8 follows alongside the route of the old N8 road which has now been renumbered to the R639. For overseas visitors the letters on the road numbers have the following meanings...


M = Motorway. A limited access road (Autobahn, Autoroute, Autostrade etc.)

N = National road. Long distance routes not of Motorway class

R = Regional Roads
L = Local minor roads (possibly very narrow and bumpy! Sometimes filled with sheep or cows)